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Medical Insurance Plans

Therapeutic Insurance arrangements are planned remembering the wellbeing of the people and their relatives. From individual to family floater to basic sickness arranges; all the restorative protection arranges offer different scope limits making wellbeing arrangements moderate for every wage aggregate.

Sorts of Medical Insurance Plans

Singular Health Insurance : They are best reasonable for individuals who are single and don’t have any family obligation. You pay the premium every year and on the off chance that hospitalization is required your approach would bear the costs till whole safeguarded. Contingent on your medicinal arrangement you will appreciate the accompanying advantages :

  • Cashless hospitalization
  • Reimbursement of pre and post hospitalization expenses up to certain number of days as specified in your policy
  • Room rent
  • ICU charges
  • Doctor’s consultation fees when hospitalized
  • Tax rebate on premium upto Rs 15000

Family Floater Plans: This medical plan is beneficial for people with families. A single premium takes care of the entire family. Just remember the coverage amount should be more if opting for this plan. For example, if you take family floater coverage for Rs 7 lac, then you need to pay single premium for this medical insurance plan and whosoever in the family requires hospitalization , they can use this policy. The remaining amount can be utilized by another family member if the need arises. The probability of all family members requiring hospitalization in one policy year is relatively less and this is the basis of family floater plan. The benefits remain the same as in individual health plan.

Critical Illness Insurance: This medical insurance plan can be taken up as a rider with existing health insurance plan or can be taken up as a separate policy. There are certain illnesses that are life threatening and you require ample amount of money to take care of your medical needs as well as other financial obligations. Stroke, cancer, paralysis, multiple sclerosis are some examples of critical illness covered under medical plan. In this policy, you get a lump-sum amount till sum assured so that you can take care of medical expenses as well as your other financial responsibilities. Once the claim is made the policy terminates.

Which medical insurance plan is most affordable health insurance?

Affordability differs for every person but the determining factors are your financial circumstances and family responsibility. If you do not have any financial reserve to meet the medical crisis apart from your health policy then the coverage amount should be more and vice-versa.

Do some research on the features, benefits, inclusions and exclusions of different polices available and then zero down on one that best caters to your needs.