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Get Lowest Possible Car Insurance Premium

When you purchase another or utilized auto, you won’t just need to take out vehicle fund which you should pay off on a month to month premise, you will likewise need to take a gander at your protection premiums. One approach to keep your month to month expenses to a base is to pick the correct auto. In this article you will discover more data on the things you ought to mull over.

What does your car cost?

Obviously, it’s a given that the more costly your new auto is, the higher your protection premiums will be. You have to recall that your protection is there should you require vehicle repairs or have your vehicle supplanted should it get stolen. What’s more, the more your auto is justified regardless of, the more hazard the back up plan takes. With regards to auto jacking and burglary, the more profitable a vehicle is, the more hazard you keep running of it being stolen.

Better safe than sorry

With the high crime statistics in South Africa, theft is obviously something car insurance companies deal with on a daily basis. The more secure your car is, the lower your insurance premiums will be. Think car-tracker systems, alarm systems, immobilisers, etc. Where your car is parked can also make a difference when it comes to your premiums. Your insurance company will give you lower premiums if your vehicle is parked in a locked garage, behind a locked gate.

How much will car parts cost should they need to be replaced?

Another thing to take into account when buying a new car is the cost of the parts. If the car is imported, you can be sure that the parts will also not be easy to get, and replacement of these parts will become an expensive exercise. This is something insurance companies look at as well. Your best bet is to buy a car of which the parts are easy to get and affordable to replace.

When it comes to colour – choose wisely

Believe it or not, some colours attract higher insurance premiums than others. Not only do car insurance companies take visibility of your vehicle into account, they also look at the cost for bodywork repairs. Dark colours, for instance, are less visible at dusk and dawn, and are therefore considered higher risk vehicles as accidents often happen around those times. Red, for instance, is one of the most expensive colours when it comes to repairs to body work. The safest colours to choose are white and other, light colours.

Extra features and enhancements

Things like extra features, limited-edition-this and optional-extra-that, will drive your insurance premiums up as well. Special modifications and top-of-the-range car audio systems will make your car a very interesting target for car a thief, which in turn makes your car a higher-risk vehicle for the insurer.

More horsepower – higher insurance premiums

Cars with higher horsepower usually reach higher maximum speeds which makes these cars more prone to accidents. Other high-risk vehicles are sports cars and they are so for the same reasons. Not only is there the increased risk of accidents, they are also great targets for thieves.