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Monthly Archives: January 2017

Know the Most Bizarre Insurance Claims Ever

Have you ever known about somebody being thumped over by a flying Christmas tree? Alternately a mobile phone vanishing into the back end of a dairy animals? There have been some entirely peculiar protection claims and in this article we will inform you concerning five of them.

1. Red hot wedding day

Unforeseen things happen, yet you’re wedding day going up in smoke? The day Paula Catelli from Italy got hitched was the most delightful day of her life. Until something terrible happened. At the point when her staggering hand-made wedding outfit got a bit excessively near the grill, the engineered texture burst into flames and before she knew it, her dress went up on fire. Fortunately her committed spouse acted rapidly and right away she was tossed into the ocean and the fire was murdered.

The outcome :

Their insurance agency paid them half pay for the incident, and we thoroughly consider this is likely of sensitivity instead of it being a honest to goodness guarantee.

2. Flying Christmas Tree

It was the day before Christmas… and Mr. Fairclough, on his way back from his Christmas shopping, saw a car coming towards him with a (badly secured) Christmas tree on top. Before he could say ‘Merry Christmas’ the tree had lifted off from the roof and launched itself straight at him. The shock caused Mr. Fairclough to swerve off the road and into a bush. The driver of the other car sped off and didn’t even come back for his tree. Although his car had been damaged in the process, luckily Mr. Fairclough can look back on the incident now and laugh.

The outcome :

His insurance company paid out all damages.

3. Double trouble

Mr. Di Puma Delaware burnt down his own house and his convertible in order to claim from his homeowners and car insurance. He told his insurance company that the whole ordeal started when the pots on his gas stove caught fire while he was preparing his dinner. Next, buckets full of coals also caught alight. In an attempt to stop the fire, he threw some of the buckets out of the window and they landed…. you guessed it: inside his convertible. While in the process of tossing another bucket out, he somehow managed to trip over something and the bucket landed on his couch. Of course this story was a little bit too far fetched, even for the most gullible person.

Outcome :

Mr. Di Puma was convicted of attempted insurance fraud, got five years probation and… drum roll… the insurance didn’t pay him once cent.

4. Backside of the cow

A live stock farmer from the UK, Ivor Bennett, told his insurance company that he had lost his cell phone inside the rear end of one of his cows. It was a dark and stormy night and he had been trying to use the torch on his phone in an attempt to assist the cow when she was calving. Along with the calf, the phone did make reappearance but unfortunately it didn’t work anymore.

Outcome :

Mr. Bennet’s insurance company paid out the claim in full.

5. Injury by coconut

When an English insurance company started issuing policies to cover injuries caused by falling coconuts, people were laughing their heads off. The manager of the insurance company stated that over a hundred people fall victim to falling coconuts every year, resulting in serious injuries or even death. That same year, somewhere in Sri Lanka, an unsuspecting tourist dozing off under a palm tree was struck by a coconut, knocking her unconscious. She was rushed off to the hospital where, thankfully, she recovered within a few days.

Outcome :

Her insurance company paid out in full.

About Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is a safety effort for a person. It gives asylum to the life and property of the person when he is out of his place.

The insurance strolls with you in your harsh circumstances and tries to fill your misfortunes to the degree of broad financial support. Travel insurance is for a voyager, before beginning the excursion. By having this, he can be guaranteed about the cases or returns for the property or wellbeing, loss of his and his dear ones while voyaging.

An extensive number of voyagers don’t purchase the insurance , 51% of the database in earlier years, is secured by youth era, who thinks insurance is a bit much. A substantial area of the Australian populace remarked that travel protection is not required if there should arise an occurrence of short treks or safe areas like main residence or town. They would prefer not to consider the adversities ahead of time as they are not positive.

In any case, as the dangers and adversities come without news, it has been deduced in an examination that the indiscretion (in regards to wellbeing and prosperity) of not purchasing insurance has brought about Australians spending more than $3.6 million a year.

One of the reasons for not buying the insurance is the high rates, which are actually not so high. Customers have complained and feedback that, the insurance rates are too high. Actually the mediators and the agents have manipulated the travel insurance schemes.

This issue was studied by researchers and the final outcome was:

A) The travelers are charged 50% extra, sometimes double of the real cost of insurance.

B) Sometimes the sold insurance really doesn’t cover what the traveler wants.

C) The recoveries become a tough task.

d) Huge commission to agencies results in dissatisfactory service to customers.

Everything in limit is good for well being; one should never risk future in overconfidence and carelessness, hence one should get himself insured before travelling even if it is in his native place. One should take time and search out the best suitable insurance after consulting the authorized insurers. Explain the covers to the insurer that you need while travelling, and even listen to the covers, by the insurer side and finally go for the plan. Actually the insurance is not so expensive, so the insurance should be directly bought by the insurer and not through any agency. Always carefully read the claims and covers.

Below mentioned are some cases, which are generally not included in the insurance:

  1. Participation in Rock climbing, mountaineering, Scuba diving, Parachuting and other professional sport.
  2. Theft if the possessions are unsupervised in public.
  3. Drunk state accidents.
  4. Missing a connecting flight with different carriers or airlines.

Besides above all, there are a good number of travelers buying the travel insurance in Australia for a secured and safe journey.

Health Insurance Plans Benefits

It is safe to say that you are the person who is not given medical coverage from your managers? On the off chance that yes, there is nothing to stress over however. Different individual medical coverage arrangements are here accessible in market which can extensively guide and help you exceptionally well.

Nobody can ever anticipate the future and see when the medical problems would turn up. Henceforth when can minor or real medical issue come up can be replied by anyone. You can never anticipate when one would get sick. So it is a shrewd choice to get your medical coverage secured well. Be that as it may, how might you locate the ideal medical coverage approach when such a large number of countless such organizations are coming up in market ordinary with new and better strategies? Well then here are couple of criteria and tips that would help you select the best insurance agency with impeccable scope.

Non Cancellable Coverage

This is one factor which would assure you that the company will not be able to cancel your policy until you are yourself not willing to do the same or if by chance you try cheating the company by any means of trying to present fake medical claims. Further in addition, your policy shall be renewed annually until you stop paying your premiums. Usually, there can be few companies which cancel the policies of the ones who tend to become sick just like the automobile insurance where the insurers tend to cancel the policies of the ones who met with accidents too regularly. So you can check if the company you are choosing provides you with a non cancellable coverage.

Trial Period

It can sound strange sometime to have a trial period on your insurance policies, but well thanks to the major competition among these insurers, it’s real. Now a day, there are many insurance companies which will provide their customers with a considerable period so that they can examine the policy themselves carefully. If in any case the customers are not satisfied, these companies would then refund the premium back to them.

Terms and Conditions

Before you sign any legal documents, it will be very beneficial to consider and refer the terms and conditions twice. The same will go for the insurance policies. Thus, you have to make sure that which aspects you want are covered and which are not considered in it.