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Monthly Archives: September 2016

Pros and Cons Online Health Insurance

An ever increasing number of individuals are getting to be well informed and leaning toward web as their mode for every day exchanges. Correspondingly, individuals have developed more certain for purchasing medical coverage arranges likewise on the web. You can give the credit to secured online frameworks that are making the exchanges more secure. Be that as it may, there are advantages and disadvantages connected to everything. It doesn’t make a difference what level of aptitude you have, it generally pays to check the legitimacy and be careful with conceivable fakes happening on the web.

Here are a portion of the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing medical coverage online to make you see how online buy can be gainful and what should you deal with to take an educated choice.


Saves time: It has never been so easy and quick to select health plans online. You do not need to go to the insurer’s office to know the details of the plan. Once you know what you want, you can type a few words and the screen has it all.

Unlimited options

So many options from various insurers make it easy for you to compare. From sum insured and premium to level of coverage you can compare anything and choose what suits you the best.

No more middlemen’s personal interest

Access to related information online satiates your knowledge thirst as well as makes you aware of all the aspects of a plan chosen by you. Moreover, there will be no middleman to force a policy on you to earn commissions, which makes your decision unbiased and you get a considerably cheaper plan in terms of cost.

Secured transactions

Insurers and websites having the online-purchase feature follow the guidelines specified by IRDA and recommend using secured connections. Therefore, there is no reason to get panic while making the transaction.


Delay in making choice

When you like online mode better, you are spoilt for choices. With so many options, you tend to take more time to choose the best plan.

Matter of credibility

Besides the number of plans, the number of insurers in marketplace is also a huge one. The market consists of genuine players as well as those that choose to serve only their own earning interests.

Insufficient information

The page that appears before you to compare different plans, displays limited information about the product. Moreover, it does not speak about the credibility of provider, riders available, various important clauses and conditions attached to a plan.

While looking at one side of the coin, you need to keep your eye on other side too. Cons are attached to almost anything and everything. It depends on you how you tackle with each one of them.

Therefore, be sure what you need and prefer your requirements first before you get enticed with those additional not required features. Choose only the branded names and be sure to confirm each and every detail of the policy in verbal manner as well as have it in a written form.


Get Lowest Possible Car Insurance Premium

When you purchase another or utilized auto, you won’t just need to take out vehicle fund which you should pay off on a month to month premise, you will likewise need to take a gander at your protection premiums. One approach to keep your month to month expenses to a base is to pick the correct auto. In this article you will discover more data on the things you ought to mull over.

What does your car cost?

Obviously, it’s a given that the more costly your new auto is, the higher your protection premiums will be. You have to recall that your protection is there should you require vehicle repairs or have your vehicle supplanted should it get stolen. What’s more, the more your auto is justified regardless of, the more hazard the back up plan takes. With regards to auto jacking and burglary, the more profitable a vehicle is, the more hazard you keep running of it being stolen.

Better safe than sorry

With the high crime statistics in South Africa, theft is obviously something car insurance companies deal with on a daily basis. The more secure your car is, the lower your insurance premiums will be. Think car-tracker systems, alarm systems, immobilisers, etc. Where your car is parked can also make a difference when it comes to your premiums. Your insurance company will give you lower premiums if your vehicle is parked in a locked garage, behind a locked gate.

How much will car parts cost should they need to be replaced?

Another thing to take into account when buying a new car is the cost of the parts. If the car is imported, you can be sure that the parts will also not be easy to get, and replacement of these parts will become an expensive exercise. This is something insurance companies look at as well. Your best bet is to buy a car of which the parts are easy to get and affordable to replace.

When it comes to colour – choose wisely

Believe it or not, some colours attract higher insurance premiums than others. Not only do car insurance companies take visibility of your vehicle into account, they also look at the cost for bodywork repairs. Dark colours, for instance, are less visible at dusk and dawn, and are therefore considered higher risk vehicles as accidents often happen around those times. Red, for instance, is one of the most expensive colours when it comes to repairs to body work. The safest colours to choose are white and other, light colours.

Extra features and enhancements

Things like extra features, limited-edition-this and optional-extra-that, will drive your insurance premiums up as well. Special modifications and top-of-the-range car audio systems will make your car a very interesting target for car a thief, which in turn makes your car a higher-risk vehicle for the insurer.

More horsepower – higher insurance premiums

Cars with higher horsepower usually reach higher maximum speeds which makes these cars more prone to accidents. Other high-risk vehicles are sports cars and they are so for the same reasons. Not only is there the increased risk of accidents, they are also great targets for thieves.


Learn More about Life Insurance

Life insurance made its presentation well more than 100 years prior, it is a critical monetary instrument that could profit you at various stages. In our nation, which is a standout amongst the most populated on the planet, the unmistakable quality of protection is not as generally comprehended, as it should be. What takes after is an endeavor to familiarize perusers with a portion of the essential ideas.

It is an agreement with an insurance agency. In return for premiums (installments), the insurance agency gives a single amount installment, known as a demise advantage, to recipients in case of the safeguarded individual’s passing.

Regularly, disaster protection is picked in light of the requirements and objectives of the proprietor. Term confirmation for the most part gives assurance to a set timeframe, while lasting protection, for example, entire and widespread life, gives lifetime scope. Note that passing advantages from a wide range of disaster protection are by and large wage tax-exempt.

Life insurance can be an important asset to have, no matter what is your age. If you have a family of your own, insurance can help your family survive financially, if they didn’t have your income to support them any longer. And for retirees, it can benefit surviving family members, can be used to support any funeral expenses, or, for some kinds of life insurance, can be used to fund activities like college tuition or a down payment on a house.

No matter where you are in life, you probably can find positives to having life insurance. And you can discuss your situation with an advisor to figure out what is the best plan for your. Here are some strong advantages of having a life insurance:

Death in the family can leave members insecure emotionally and financially with an uncertain future. But being insured can smooth over the transition and provide your family with financial assistance as they adjust – potentially to a new income level, especially if you are the primary supporter of the family.

If you and your spouse are planning to support your children’s college education in the future, insurance can allow your spouse to still achieve this goal if something were to happen to you. Funeral expenses can set any family back, no matter if you are young and single or retired and married. Costs for services can fluctuate greatly depending on if you’re cremated, buried, have a full funeral service or just a gravesite gathering. As you grow older and accumulate more property or expand your estate, you might want to investigate the taxes your heirs would be assessed upon your death. It would be an advantage for your heirs if you were insured, to cover those inheritance taxes so they wouldn’t have to come up with the money themselves, or sell some of the estate.

The types of policies that are available are:-

  1. Term insurance
  2. Universal insurance
  3. Whole insurance

Few Things You Should Know Before Purchasing Your Policy

  1. Review Your Insurance Needs
  2. Decide How Much Coverage You Need
  3. Assess Your Current Life Insurance Policy
  4. Be Sure You Can Afford the Premium Payments
  5. Have an Insurance Agent Help You Evaluate the Future of Your Policy
  6. Keep Your Current Policy
  7. Understand Renewal Policies
  8. Read Your Policy Carefully

The type of insurance and the amount of coverage you obtain all depends on your unique financial and family circumstances, and must be evaluated carefully, as it is an integral part of any personal financial plan. While purchasing coverage, you should review all the potential risks and the financial impact of these risks on your financial health.